Soalheiro Nature 2017

In 2017, Quinta de Soalheiro launched the first Alvarinho produced without the addition of sulphites: the Soalheiro Nature “Pur Terroir”, which like Soalheiro Terramatter belongs to the Soalheiro Naturais family, a completely different Soalheiro, unfiltered, where Biodiversity of vineyards is valued. The launching of these two natural wines opens the doors to innovation and to a new world of tasting pleasures previously unknown to us. This Soalheiro may be loved or not, but for us it has the responsibility of taking this grape variety to the limit in its “Pur Terroir” of Monção and Melgaço - the northernmost point of Portugal and the Origin of Alvarinho.


The colour and the aroma of Nature are intense and the taste is complex. It is asking to be discovered with enthusiasm. It is, after all, a 100% Alvarinho, made without added sulphites and with complete alcoholic and malolactic fermentation. Based on production concepts that value biodiversity, this Soalheiro is made with grapes of the Alvarinho variety. The unfiltered bottling means the wine will have a deposit in the bottle. This deposit is essential for oxidation protection, facilitating a stable evolution of this "Out of the Box" Soalheiro.

This Soalheiro arises as a pursuit of pioneering in Alvarinho, always with the desire to surpass itself, assuming dimensions with a remarkable personality and the constant will to be recognised for its humility as an Alvarinho specialist.

Minho, Melgaço

The Alvarinho grapes are harvest by hand from the Quinta de Soalheiro vines, here it is used production concepts that value the biodiversity and the viticultural ecosystem, fomenting the environmental sustainability.

The microclimate that influences the production of Alvarinho grapes is very particular. Melgaço region, the northern point of Portugal, is protected by a range of mountains that create the perfect conditions of rainfall, temperature and number of hours of sunshine needed to the better ripeness of the Alvarinho grapes.

Grape Varieties
Alcohol (%)
Total Acidity (g/dm3)
Volatile Acidity (g/dm3)
Residual Sugar
{ the values are orientative }
Tasting Notes

A cor e o aroma são intensos e apesar da ausência de sulfitos adicionados o aroma e o sabor têm mineralidade e fruta. O sabor é complexo com inicio macio e redondo devido à malolática completa com final marcante e intenso.

Food Suggestions

Fish and white meat dishes. Wine best accompanied by food.